Contest Results [DM05]

Wow! Another great competition has come to an end. And this time, we’ve seen new participants challenging for the top spot and more maps, plays, and votes than ever before. Perhaps it was the influx of new players from the Humble Bundle, perhaps it was the promise of great prizes donated from our generous sponsors, or maybe it was simply the right time for many of you. Regardless, it’s great to see the continued interest in Dynamite Jack. Here’s a look at DM05 by the numbers:

  • 8 creators!
  • 15 maps!
  • 715 votes!
  • 1119 plays!

On average, each map was played 75 times, by nearly 60 unique individuals, and received 50 ratings. Compare that to previous contest results (DM01DM02DM03, DM04). Thanks again to all who participated!

So with that out of the way, it’s time for the big award announcement!

The winner of the highly coveted People’s Choice Award for DM05 is…

People’s Choice Award Winner: Turn Out the Lights! (Novice) by boogersurfer

People’s Choice Award Winner: Turn Out the Lights! (Novice) by boogersurfer

Congratulations to boogersurfer for “Turn Out the Lights! (Novice)”! A large map with tons of traps and as difficult as it was fun! In addition to the standard Dynamite Jack t-shirt, Phil is also offering up this fantastic bomber trophy. Finally, we here at Dynamite Maps are happy to award you your choice of either the Orcs Must Die 2 Complete Pack, the Frozen Synapse Complete Pack or the Best of British Indie Bundle (DEFCONEufloriaFrozen SynapseGratuitous Space BattlesRevenge of the TitansTime Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack) available on Steam!

Additional Award Winners

While boogersurfer took the top honors, the runner-up map, “LD3 : check mate” by debbs1981, was within 1 one-hundredth of a point after computing our adjusted ratings. As such, we have decided to give its creator their choice of bundles (from the list above) after boogersurfer makes their selection. In addition, both boogersurfer and debbs1981 can redeem a donated copy of Shattered Haven from Arcen Games on Steam. It’s a great new game with a built-in level editor. Congrats!

The next pair of places were also only 1 one-hundredth apart in adjusted ratings (and included my personal favorite of the contest). As a result, we have decided to give out additional awards to those two map makers, dennismejdal for “Light vs. Dark / Good vs. Evil” and phittte for “Vlad’s Castle”. Bundle-in-a-box has graciously donated two copies of their complete Cerebral Bundle.

Finally, it takes guts to enter any kind of contest, so in the spirit of encouraging more of you to try your hand at map-making and contest entering, we’re giving out the “I Tried” award to Heist for his map, “The Trials”. Heist will receive a copy of The Debut Bundle from Indie Royale.

Here are in-game screenshots for each of these four additional winning maps:

LD3 : check mate by debbs1981

LD3 : check mate by debbs1981

Light vs. Dark / Good vs. Evil by dennismedjal

Light vs. Dark / Good vs. Evil by dennismedjal

Vlad's Castle by phittte

Vlad’s Castle by phittte

The Trials by Heist

The Trials by Heist

Thanks again to all who participated in our first contest of 2013. And thanks to Arcen Games and Bundle-in-a-Box for their prize donations. Be sure to check them out!

For the PCA winner (boogersurfer), the early birds (FaithfulCrows, phittte, major-pob, PlayBoyMan, boogersurfer) and all other award winners (debbs1981, dennismejdal, phittte, Heist), please contact within the next seven days to collect your prizes. Early birds will receive a set of games from an indie bundle (Humble, IndieRoyale, IndieGala, …) while the additional award winners will also be gifted their choice from a few different Steam titles based on availability.

Be sure to check back here often or follow us on twitter to hear about our next contest!

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  1. Yes, congratulations to you, boogersurfer! As I already said on this forum, I really enjoyed your map. And its non-linearity makes it very interesting to play when searching for a better time.

    Congrats also to dennismejdal, that was so close (1/100!) and the others participants.

    I’d have like people enjoyed my maps more, but I must have missed something this time. Maybe I focused too much on the light & dark theme… ^_^

    And thank you Tankete for going on with your contests!

  2. Yes, congratulations everyone. I think the real prize is that our maps are getting played and people enjoy them. Thanks to!

  3. Congratulations on winning the contest, Boogersurfer! And to everyone else as well (including me :))! I have to admit that I got Dynamite Jack from the humble bundle, it’s really a shame that I missed this great game for so long. Couldn’t stop playing until I had all the achievements and playing custom maps is always fun and will be for a long time – I got more fun out of this small game then I got out of many expensive AAA titles. Will buy Dynamite Jack 2 as soon as it comes out (if there will be one), that’s for sure.

    Modding really paid off during the last week, just a few days ago someone donated 10$ to me because he enjoyed a Legend of Grimrock mod I made – and that even though I never asked for donations. And now this. Wohoo! Games and money! Call me Gabe!

    Thanks to Dynamite Maps for this contest!

  4. Just uploaded another map! Called “Burn the Houses!” It has an exclamation mark in the title so it must be good.

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