Roundup: Week of May 27

While this was a pretty quiet week with only five new community maps, there was a good mix of easy and hard levels from both newbie and veteran map builders alike. Here’s the weekly roundup.

Pick of the Week

The Spiral Doomplex by Aronos

Great use of technology and lasers as the map gets harder as you progress. It took me forever…but I finally finished. One of the best maps out there. Highly recommended.

Difficulty: Hard     Our Rating: 5     Avg Rating: 4.25     Plays: 23     Speedrun: 7:40.56

First Thought by Firebug II

If you use bombs early, this map is about as easy as they come. A fun beginner level for a new map maker. Keep ‘em coming!

Difficulty: Easy   Our Rating: 3   Plays: 42

Trials #2 by Aronos

A challenging map with complex patrol patterns and few save points. It can be frustrating at times. Not for the faint of heart.

Difficulty: Hard   Our Rating: 4   Plays: 7

Escape from Vampire Venice by Melody Burst

If you like exploring larger maps, then you’ll enjoy this one. Once you get the flashlight though, it’s mostly back and forth. A bit too long for me.

Difficulty: Easy   Our Rating: 3   Plays: 18

Caverns by mechslayer

It’ll take a while to finish, but there’s nothing too difficult here as many of the guards are stationary rather than on patrol. That said, the lighting was great.

Difficulty: Easy   Our Rating: 3   Plays: 22

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